You can now buy some $LOUEY as a cryptocurrency token on Cardano or BSC.

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Where can I buy $LOUEY?

Currently we’re live on Minswap and Dexhunter and PancakeSwap

$LOUEY Tokenomics

The $LOUEY token has a supply of 100,000,000 or 100m

It’s been split 4 ways across Cardano & Binance Smart Chain

28% went into the intial presale performed by ADALot

22% went into Minswap liquidity and the LP tokens have been locked in a MultiSig wallet between @HeyStuClark (Founder) @ADALot (Vending Platform) & @Froggie (MKC)

25% was then put into the ADALot vending platform where users can pay 10 ADA to get an amount of $LOUEY back ranging from the market amount up to the jackpot of 1m $LOUEY.  Not currently in use.

25% has been allocated into a marketing wallet that is controlled by @Froggie and drip fed back into the Louey marketing wallet on a monthly basis

The $Louey Roadmap

Twitter & Discord

We created a Twitter & Discord account to grow our crypto community

October 2023

$LOUEY Launch

We prematurely launched the $LOUEY token on MinSwap with the help of ADALot and Froggie 

9th October 2023

Verified on Minswap

Once we launched we got our token verified on MinSwap to improve trust and show we mean business

12th October 2023


We jumped on the Dexhunter train as per a request from a community member. Now $LOUEY can be bought there too

20th October 2023

Our First Partnerships

We partnered up with Tekmirio staking platform to reward their users with some $LOUEY tokens

We're also listed on The Farm so users can tip each other $LOUEY tokens

26th October 2023

Drip Dropz

You can earn $LOUEY tokens by staking your $ADA with Drip Dropz

26th October 2023

Louey Merch Store

We have an online store selling Louey merch.
Profits from this will go back into providing liquidity for the token and other marketing campaigns

Check it out store.louey.xyz 

November 2023

LP Yield Farm

We have our LP Yield farm live on MinSwap
Holders can now stake LP tokens to earn more $LOUEY

December 2023

Staking Platform

You can now stake your $LOUEY tokens for 4-8% APR using our platform here;

Staking Platform Link

January 2024


Mint a LOUEY NFT for 25 $ADA and get better returns on your Louey and access to future utility

Click here to Mint

January 2024

Bridge to BSC

We're now cross-chain and live on Binance Smart Chain

Click here to buy on PancakeSwap

January 2024

Building Bridges

We're planning on getting $LOUEY across 5 major blockchains

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements 

Q1 2024

More Partnerships

Getting $LOUEY integrated further into Cardano means partnering up with more platforms.
We're already in the process of joining Lending Pond as soon as they're out of BETA.


Coingecko & Coin Market Cap

We've applied for a listing on CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap.

With these listings we will be visible to more people in the crypto community.



We've been in communication with CEXs and have had a response from a large exchange saying that as soon as we have our CoinGecko listing they'll submit our application

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